Ministries (continued)

Service Programming

This team provides leadership and oversight for the planning and all operational aspects of all our services. Their vision is to see vibrant, faith-filled, relevant and life-changing church services every week at Ablaze Service.

Requirements: Good leadership & communication skills and being a part of Ablaze Service for a some time. Creative thinking is a bonus!

Service Logistics

This ministry aim to provide logistics support to the Church Service in a systematic manner. It helps people grow in their leadership and organisation skills. Come and join this team, you will surely grow in your servanthood heart towards God and His people as you serve in this ministry.

Requirements: Faithful, responsible, organised, able to work well in a team

Service Welcome Team

Our vision is to facilitate vibrant church service atmosphere by offering warmest welcome to every visitor of our services, connecting people to people, people to places and people to God! Join the Welcome Team or more fondly known as Usher Team to foster a spirit of excellence and nurture a sacrificial and servant-hood heart.

Requirements: Friendly, helpful, polite, punctual, reliable, able to work well in a team

Community Volunteers

Our service desires to engage young people in serving our local communities. We are working closely with ‘Hands of Hope’, which is the community arm of Hope Church Brisbane. It exists to demonstrate the love of God in a tangible way to the community. This ministry desire to make a difference to people’s lives through providing practical support and meeting needs in our communities and beyond.

Requirements: A heart for helping people, willingness and faithfulness, experience in community work not essential but desirable For more information about Hands of Hope, please visit 


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