Heart for the House

When considering the Acts 2 church, we are reminded about the kind of God-centred community that they were a part of. A community that was genuine, where each believer was devoted to one another in love and care, and to God and His word. It was also a community that consistently expressed their utmost commitment to God through serving Him and serving one another out of the overflow of their generous hearts.  The incredible thing is that we have the opportunity in our lifetime to be a part of and experience this kind of community in our church and in our small groups, when we learn how to be life-giving individuals within a life-giving community.

One of the keys in this community was the involvement and giving of believers, not only their possessions and finances but also ‘SERVICE‘. We as an individual and a community are meant to bring our lives into this community and in turn bless one another and build God’s house.

There is a great saying you will hear around Ablaze – “Everyone is a minister!’ To minister simply means to serve. We believe God has given everyone abilities and gifts for serving Him through serving others. The Church is designed to function as a body, with each unique part working together: “the whole body (speaking of the Church), joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” (Ephesians 4:16).

From ‘Setup/ Logistics’ to ‘Worship leading’, ‘Greeting’ to ‘Preaching’, our mission is fulfilled by all of us, serving as volunteers. Of course, it’s also a great way to meet new people and get connected into our church life and community. God wants to build a magnificent Church and He wants you to be a part of it! Whoever you are, whatever your age and wherever you are in your life right now, God wants to use you! All He needs is your willing heart!

See the list of different key areas of ministries or email us at info@ablaze.org.au to find out more about how you can be involved!

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