Below are some of key ministry opportunities in Ablaze you can get involved:


Worship ministry has a goal to serve the church by providing worship leadership, music & songs that draw people closer to God and that bring God’s presence into His house. This ministry is purposed to empower every believer in Christ to glorify God, and designed to equip every worship minister to humbly serve Him and the church with a spirit of excellence. As a worship ministry, it is our heart’s desire to glorify God with our lives and make His name known to the ends of the earth. It’s time to be united in one heart and in one voice.

Key areas of Worship Ministry are Worship Leadership, Support Vocalists, Musicians, PA & Sound Crew.


It is the time for every artist to shine and to make His glorious name known through the power of creativity. Come and explore the creative possibilities through the performing and creative arts!

Key areas of arts ministry are Dance & Drama, Graphic Design, Multimedia & Photography, Stage Design & Decorations.


Media is designed to equip you to use the tools of Film, Audio and visuals, creative writing and journalism to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Come and explore the endless possibilities of making & utilising impactful films, writing, effective marketing, and much more! Our intent is to equip you with knowledge and hands-on training, and to unleash you to create an impact to this world for Jesus Christ!

Key areas of Media Ministry are Visuals & Audio, Journalism, Creative Writing.

*For more information about Worship, Arts & Media (WAM) of our church, please visit

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