We see in society today that people will test us for our beliefs as Christ-followers. It’s said that our convictions guide our decisions and determine our character. In order to live a Godly life, we are to have strong, biblically based values and Word-centred convictions. When we are firmly anchored in God’s Word, believers are ready to face whatever challenges come our way. We no longer can just stand back and allow people to change our Biblical convictions. We must be bold for the Lord Jesus. We must walk in the Word of God and have great courage to live by such convictions.

DIGGING INTO CONVICTIONS (Psalm 119:89-112) is a 3-part sermon series which will help answer some questions such as “Why is it that some seem to have such deep convictions? How can Christ-followers develop Godly and wholesome convictions?”

+ Committed to Absolutes
+ Courage to Live by Convictions
+ Constructing Convictions

This sermon series will emphasise on eternal absolutes of God’s Word and inspire commitment to its authority. We will also explore key principles to develop framework to support deeper convictions rooted in God’s Word and learn to develop a great courage to live out such convictions.


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