The 40 Days of PURPOSE will be an exciting time of igniting and empowering genuine spiritual growth in individual
souls in our service. Throughout this series, we will embark on a journey of discovering Christ-follower’s key life purposes and some fundamental elements for our spiritual growth.

Nothing brings more glory to God than having his people fulfill his purposes here on earth. Our goal is not to simply take our congregation through the campaign but to encourage and spur on one another toward Kingdom work. As the Body of Christ, we must all work together “to serve God’s purpose in our generation” (Acts 13:36).

More than 20,000 churches from over 65 denominations have led their congregations through 40 Days of Purpose, experiencing tremendous results—lives are changed, spiritual growth is stimulated and God is glorified. July – Mid August 2012 will be another exciting time for all of us to grow in God.

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