Our Groups

We see the opportunity of equipping young people to be the future generation for Christ. We believe in their endless potentials to become all they can be in Christ. We are convinced that they are the generation of power houses that will have a tremendous impact on our society, this nation and beyond for the Lord, Jesus Christ.

We currently have THREE groups in Ablaze:

IGNITE (Highschool Years 8-10)

Ignite is the youngest group in Ablaze comprising of junior high school students from years 8 to 10. This the most formulative time in a young person’s life and it is crucial to provide a Godly and nurturing environment for growth. Ignite seeks to be the community to provide that environment. In Ignite, young people are mentored to cultivate Godly character and habits that will set the stage for the rest of their lives.

VOLTAGE (Highschool Years 11-12)

Voltage is a dynamic community for high school students in the final years of their secondary studies. They are known for their exuberance, soft hearts & passion for God. Voltage seeks to mentor young people to flourish in every area in their life. Young people in Volt- age are encouraged to excel in their studies, be an ambassador of Jesus Christ in their families and live out their God-given destiny.

POWERHOUSE (Tertiary & Beyond)

Powerhouse is a fresh new community of young tertiary students and young adults. This community seeks to maximise the leadership potential of young people, and unleash their God-given gifts and talents to build the house of God. Powerhouse is the oldest group in Ablaze and exists to provide the launching pad for fresh high school graduates to win their worlds.

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