M = Mentor young people to become the next generation leaders with God’s global mission perspective

  • More emphasis on discipleship within our church 
  • Everyone to read ‘Revolution in World Missions’

I = Involve young people in global missions & church planting initiatives (i.e help building low-cost church buildings and affordable worship centres)

  • Fundraising to help the church in Chiang Dao to complete its building

S = Support global mission works, indigenous mission workers & missionaries (Make the bible available, study bibles available for village preachers, funds bible publication & printing, and distributing of the evangelistic tracts & resources)

  • Every LG to sponsor a native missionary or more
  • Christmas project: The Gift – Bible & Gospel tracts

S = Send short-term mission teams to serve, support and strengthen other churches both in Australia & overseas

  •  Various mission trip opportunities offered throughout the year

I = Impact lives of the widows, the orphans the needy, and victims of natural disasters with acts of compassion in Christ’s name

  •  Support the work of ‘Bridge the Nation’
  • Continue to support Watoto ministries, Compassion Australia, World Vision

O = Offer practical opportunities for young people to be involved in both local & global evangelisation through praying, giving, sending & going

  •  Ongoing evangelistic efforts: Brisbane Salt & Light & Friendship Evangelism 
  • Intercessors to encourage everyone to pray for world missions

N = Nurture, equip & train Christian leaders & indigenous workers through providing necessary educational tools, discipleship resources and ministry training opportunities (such as bible seminaries, conferences, consultation, and computer- based learning centres including online learning)

  • Develop and provide free & ‘easy-accessed’ discipleship resources

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